To some, being naked is a way of optimally enjoying the warm sun on their skin. To others, it’s a way of life or life’s ideal. Naturism offers you the opportunity to be your most natural self. Contact with like-minded people creates a sense of respect and similarity.

The philosophy of naturism
More than 2 million Dutch and Belgian people enjoy recreational activities whilst naked. According to the International Naturist Federation, naturism is “a way of living in harmony with nature by being naked together, characterised by self-respect, respect for others and their views and respect for the environment”.

Being naked, literally and figuratively, gives an indescribable feeling. We see naturism as a way to go back to basics in life. The differences between individuals become invisible when naked and when not wearing any jewellery. You’ll be much more focused on the inner self, as the appearance disappears. You can enjoy in-depth conversations with anyone at the bar, whether you’re a doctor or a garbage collector.

The popularity of naturism
We have experienced an increasing interest for naturism at Sea Nat: more and more guests like to escape from their daily stresses. Naturism has a therapeutic effect and will remove the harness around you. This will make you more open to new influences and will allow you to reflect on who you are and who you want to be. This will result in a good relationship with your body, enviable health, a great solution to a possible burnout and a true sense of freedom.

An increasing number of countries are now acknowledging the beauty of Sea Nat, including Belgium, the Netherlands, France, Germany and hopefully soon also Luxemburg and the United Kingdom. We have been a member of the naturist association Athena and FBN, NFN, FFN and DFK for many years; naturist federations which have acknowledged us and, in turn, have been acknowledged by the INF. In addition, we have entered into a collaboration with Airbnb to (fortunately) increase awareness for naturism, outside of Europe too.